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German Partners


enertech Energie und Technik GmbH  

enertech Energie und Technik GmbH is an engineering office for energy generation plants and networks that plans and designs processes, system, and plant technology. The range of services includes the design of thermal power plants and plant components, energy and process engineering simulations of thermodynamic cycle processes, dynamic modelling of sub-processes and operational optimisation. Planning and implementation services are including preliminary and conceptual design, approval and implementation planning, construction supervision and commissioning.

enertech contributes its experience and expertise to the development of process and plant technology, automation, operational safety and implementation of UpMining plants.


Munich University of Applied Sciences (HM)  

Munich University of Applied Sciences is the second largest university of applied sciences in Germany. More than 20,000 students study at 14 faculties. Munich University of Applied Sciences offers a broad range of courses, interdisciplinary research and imparts a basic entrepreneurial attitude. The Department of Industrial Engineering covers the fields of mechanical engineering, process engineering, biotechnology and bioprocess engineering. The fields of work range from energy technology, production engineering, robotics, turbomachinery, heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics and numerical calculation methods such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) to the fermentation of genetically modified microorganisms. The main areas of activity in process engineering are in particular process development with simulations, computer-aided optimization of machines and apparatus using virtual prototypes, modeling of (two-phase) flows in evaporators and condensers, compressors and combustion chambers. In the upMining network, the Munich University of Applied Sciences contributes its experience in process development and computer-aided optimization.



The family-owned company Z-Bau was founded in 1985 and carries out construction projects nationwide with a focus on gas station construction, car wash/wash construction and commercial construction as a general contractor, as well as in the areas of alternative and renewable energies such as H2, LNG, CNG, electric, hybrid and more. Furthermore, Z-BAU carries out the construction of fast food restaurants for companies such as McDonald's, Burger King and KFC as a general contractor, with decades of experience.  Precast reinforced concrete elements are used in all areas, which are planned and manufactured in series, small series or individually. Many construction projects are subject to stringent environmental and water protection requirements that require the use of special construction methods and materials. Z-Bau has the special safety regulations and necessary certifications and approvals.


Z-Bau will develop the upMining plant complex with buildings, delivery approaches, storage areas and the solutions for compliance with the requirements for environmental and water protection, as well as prospectively take over construction site planning and construction management.



Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover (Leibniz Universität Hannover or LUH for short) is the largest university in Lower Saxony and, as a member of the TU9 German Universities of Technology, one of the leading universities in Germany in the field of engineering and natural sciences. The University of Hannover consists of nine faculties and currently offers more than 180 degree and sub-degree programs. The Institute of Materials Science is part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and combines basic and application-oriented research with production technology and has extensive equipment for carrying out experimental tests with appropriate devices for materials characterization. These are used for development, testing and consulting services for companies, research projects and university teaching. The Underwater Technology Center Hannover (UWTH), a division of the Institute of Materials Science, researches the cutting and joining of materials in special environments (e.g. underwater) and the influence of environmental conditions on processes and material properties. As part of the upMining project, the UWTH is investigating plasmalysis in a liquid environment.

KIB for future_weiss-auf-blau-1.jpg


KIB Engineering & Consulting GmbH was founded in 1999. In all areas of plant engineering, from layout, pipe construction, steel construction planning & calculation and simulation in the fields of power plant engineering, petrochemicals, chemicals, pipeline pumping stations and tank farms, planning services are provided from basic to detailed planning.

In planning, calculation and installation support, KIB develops target-oriented, customer-specific solutions.

KIB Engineering & Consulting contributes its experience within the network in the development of upMining processes with innovative, modular reactor concepts for methanol production.


Calida Cleantech  

Calida Cleantech GmbH was founded in 2011. The product range includes hot gas filters for particle separation for hot gases up to 650°C, hot gas filters with integrated entrained flow sorption for combined separation of dusts and gaseous contaminants, and combined dust separation with DeNOx reduction via catalytically active filter elements. Spare parts, services and engineering services are offered in this subject area. Within the network, Calida Cleantech contributes its expertise in the treatment of product gases.



The company 1to7plastastic is a start-up founded in 2022. The business idea is the development and subsequent sale of plants according to the UpMining process. With a 1to7plastastic plant, our customer receives a system with which he can actively protect the climate himself. Due to the technical expertise of its employees, 1to7plastastic GmbH can also draw on and offer 15 years of experience as an engineering service provider in power plant construction and chemistry, thermodynamic design of components, process engineering design of chemical processes as well as process optimization.  

Within the network, 1to7plastastic plays a leading role in specifying the requirements for the components, planning and carrying out the necessary tests, implementing the entire process, and designing the plant and its components. 


Kjellberg Finsterwalde    

The history of Kjellberg Finsterwalde is closely connected with the invention and patent for "Electrode and process for electrical soldering". More than 100 years have passed since then. Many inventions to improve processes for welding and plasma cutting mark the path that has greatly facilitated the work in metal processing. In 2019, we looked back on 60 years of development in plasma cutting technology.  

Kjellberg Finsterwalde will lead the development of the core component of the UpMining process, the hydrogen plasma torch and develop customized variants for optimized material decomposition of the different biomass suspensions in each case. 



SIQENS, founded in Munich in 2012, is a leading supplier of methanol fuel cells and electrochemical hydrogen separation (EHS) technology. The company's methanol fuel cell modules (Ecoport) are used for emergency power supply in safety-critical applications and locations without connection to the power grid. Based on its patented high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane (HT-PEM) technology portfolio for power generation, SIQENS offers solutions for the separation and purification of hydrogen at the point of use from various feedstock gases - for example, hydrogen admixtures in the natural gas grid or reformate gases from methanol and biogas. SIQENS is working within the network on the topic of efficient reconversion to electricity and, if required, on the separation of hydrogen from process gases. 

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TU Freiberg (Institut für Technische Chemie)  

The Institute of Technical Chemistry at TU Bergakademie Freiberg focuses on the development of integral, sustainable processes for the production of chemical and energy feedstocks from inorganic raw materials and biomass, such as Li, Co, Ni, In, Ge, rare earth metals (REM) and platinum group elements (PGE). Basic organic chemicals are derived from biomass (lignocellulosic feedstocks), and methanol and its downstream chemicals are derived from CO2 and H2. Two spin-off companies have been established in the field of phosphate recycling and metal recovery. The Institute of Technical Chemistry is working on the synthesis of basic chemicals (fuels and raw materials) as part of the network. 

TU Freiberg
UES Logo.png

UES Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG 

The company UES Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1990 and since then stands for economic concepts with sophisticated solutions in the fields of ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY and SERVICE. As a consulting and planning office, UES deals with the planning, commissioning and optimization of various process plants in the fields of chemicals, paper, residual materials, power plants and alternative energy generation from biomass. By combining process engineering, electrical engineering and programming, we are able to design intelligent processes and optimize the interfaces between different components. 

Within the network, UES takes over the process engineering project management and collaborates on the development of the individual subcomponents and their system integration. 


Bulgarian Partners

Balkan Hydrogen
Balkan Hydrogen Cluster Logo.png

Balkan Hydrogen Cluster    

The Balkan Hydrogen Cluster represents a network of around 40 companies and state institutions from the fields of plant engineering, renewable energies and hydrogen. The core service of the cluster is the networking and support of Bulgarian companies along the entire value chain. It sees itself as a link between business, industry, research and public institutions. The Balkan Hydrogen Cluster is the foreign coordinator for the upMining network and assumes the tasks of partner coordination, funding support in Bulgaria and public relations. 



KZU applies various welding processes and has welding certificates, procedures and protocols to ensure the quality of work during installation. KZU has completed numerous turnkey projects for the design and fabrication of vertical and horizontal steel storage tanks, pressure vessels for steam and gases such as nitrogen, LPG, LNG and CNG, towers, stacks, steam and petroleum pipelines and parts for power plants.  Within the scope of the project, KZU deals with tanks, piping and components for bubble column reactors, gas processing and e-fuel synthesis. 


Hydrogenera / Green Innovation Ltd

Hydrogenera is specialized in developing hydrogen technologies since 2016. Our team has a wide portfolio of projects, consulting and creating new technologies for the use of hydrogen as a primary energy source. Hydrogenera has the technology to complete the entire hydrogen supply chain – production, compression and storage, feeding into the gas transmission networks or transportation to charging stations. 

Within the project, Hydrogenera participates with a fully automated system for the production of green hydrogen through highly efficient electrolysis, storage and conversion of the stored hydrogen back into electricity. 

divo pivo.png

Pivovarna 359

Since 2011, Pivovarna 359 has been producing genuine Bulgarian Kraft beer of the highest quality with carefully selected raw materials from all over the world. As a microbrewery, we also want to break new ground and see our responsibility also in energy saving and sustainability. Therefore, we want to participate in the network as the first application site in Bulgaria. By using our biogenic residues, we can make our own contribution to establishing this innovative energy conversion process on the market. 

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